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Our Organization

Remi Vista, Inc. is a private, nonprofit corporation that provides therapeutic services for youth and families who have either been placed in out-of-home care or who are considered to be at risk for such placement. We are licensed by the Department of Social Services to provide group home, foster care, and transitional housing placement programs. We are also contracted as an Organizational Provider of specialty mental health services with many counties in California.

Our Purpose

Remi Vista’s purpose is to restore a sense of hope for youth and families who are without hope. We serve families who, for whatever reason, can no longer bear the weight of their circumstances. They tend to be fragmented, marginalized, and desperate. Often, they have become unsafe. Remi Vista’s priority is the well being of children, and the restoration of families to safe and stable functioning.

Our Philosophy

Remi Vista seeks to meet the needs of the whole child: emotional, physical, and spiritual. We believe that the healing process is relational in nature, and that effective services are those that are client driven, strengths-based, and solution focused. Our emphasis is the integration of youth and families back into their communities. We seek to provide a well-integrated continuum of services for youth, even as they transition into and out of residential care. We work hard to collaborate with other community agencies and facilitate the linkages necessary to best support the on-going growth and stability of families.

Welcome & About Us

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April 17, 2011

Remi Vista, Inc., the Mt. Shasta Ski Park and Shasta Disabled Sports welcome you to:

The first annual SLIDE RIDE RUN & GLIDE Extreme Mobility Challenge, a new venue for athletes of all skill levels. The race spans approximately 30 miles from Marmot Run’s spectacular view point at Mt. Shasta Ski Park, through rugged terrain down scenic mountain trails, weaving through the village of Mt. Shasta City, and crossing glacier-fed Lake Siskiyou. Outdoor enthusiasts and extreme sport athletes will find a course that is rigorous and challenging, yet accessible for all fitness levels. Official race regulations and awards in several categories create a race venue that athletes will return to year after year. Food, live music and vendors’ fair cap the event that offers something for everyone from starting gate to finish line.

Proceeds help support the efforts of Remi Vista, Inc., a private non-profit social service agency. Forty-two years of experience has grown Remi Vista Youth and Family Services into a respected care provider offering a wide array of programs in the North State to children and families from Sacramento to the Oregon Border. Certified and recognized as a premier family service agency by the California Alliance of Child and Family Services, Remi Vista continues as an effective advocate and care provider in our community.

MORE infohttp://slideriderunglide.com/