Children and Youth Programs

Children's Specialty
Mental Health Services

We seek to bring hope to those hurting and suffering from mental illness through our mental health treatment.  In all five of our regions, we serve our community as an Organizational Provider of Children’s Specialty Mental Health Services, which means we are contracted to provide services for children ages 0-21 needing mental health treatment who have Full-Scope Medi-Cal insurance.  We help these children and their families get healing through developing and implementing an individualized treatment plan that may include:

Individual Therapy • Group Therapy • Individual and Group Rehabilitation Services
Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS) • Katie A. / Pathways for Foster Youth


At Remi Vista, we enjoy seeing children and youth overcome their past and present issues to have success in life. That is why we have developed the S.U.C.C.E.S.S. program in our residential facilities. Our homes provide a fun and challenging environment for at-risk and developmentally disabled youth, where they can grow and develop the skills and character necessary to be productive members of their communities.


We provide Social and Emotional Support Services (SESS) to disabled students ages 5 through 22 who have been identified by Special Education Local Planning Areas (SELPA) as requiring a level of support that is beyond the school’s counseling and guidance services and which are necessary to enable the students to benefit from special education.

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